Custom ColdFusion Development

X-mx Solutions expertise in developing enterprise-level ColdFusion applications, especially E-commerce and publishing solutions. Affordable and reliable, our custom ColdFusion applications, no matter where they perform and under what conditions, have stood the test of time and endurance.

ColdFusion Development

ColdFusion Consulting Services:

At X-mx Solutions we offer expert ColdFusion consulting services to clients in application development, modernization, application maintenance, migration, testing, debugging and evaluating existing ColdFusion applications in order to identify and avoid or eliminate ColdFusion applications’ crashes or slowdowns, application hosting and deployment, and administration/maintenance of leading databases such as SQL Server on Windows environment.

ColdFusion Application Optimization:

Application performance optimization can involve making the code leaner, organizing it in a manageable manner, removing redundant code, and reducing execution cycles wherever possible by using tried and tested programming algorithms. Application performance becomes more critical when it comes to web applications that are used by thousands of users simultaneously. Our team can optimize your existing ColdFusion application into an unassailable workhorse in no time.

ColdFusion Application Hosting:

Reliable ColdFusion hosting is highly important for running and managing ColdFusion applications. That’s why for six years X-mx Solutions has paid high attention to ColdFusion hosting services. By offering ColdFusion application hosting we make our well-trained ColdFusion support staff available to you 24x7x365.

ColdFusion Legacy Application Services:

All applications grow old sometime and they need to be upgraded and synchronized to utilize technological advances currently at our disposal. X-mx Solutions can help you modernize you legacy application using ColdFusion, whether it was developed with ColdFusion / ASP / PHP. Without hindering your day-to-day business operations our team of programmers and software engineers will completely overhaul your application; turning it into a state-of-the-art marvel.

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