Outsourcing got started some time ago primarily for factors like cost saving and availability of talented resources in offshore locations with delivery basis modal.

As per the statistics, around 85% outsourcing projects fail due to defects in this model. Due to these down-trodden reasons & with the passage of time, some companies are getting reluctant to outsourcing or are highly skeptical about offshore development.

We are proposing a new offshore model called dedicated developer, which is reliable, cheap and reduces outsourcing risk to a greater extent. You can hire dedicated developer, full time developer, part time programmer thus you can continue to enjoy positive benefits of outsourcing without worrying about negative factors.

Benefits of hiring developers from X-mx Solution:

  • Up-to 60% cost savings over in-house development Team.
  • 5000+ square feet office occupied with Latest hardware and modern infrastructure
  • Professional and experienced developer / programmers with exactly the right Skills for the job. Please visit our Portfolio.
  • Total control and full Involvement: you can be part of interview with the candidates with high-speed VOIP and live chat conferencing capabilities.
  • Strict and experienced software development management team: In our very healthy and friendly work environment we have very experience group of managers, they are responsible for managing a group of specialized software development professionals.
  • Intellectual property. Protection: we are well aware with the international standards of protecting the Intellectual property,. We insure in e hiring of employee that they have clear background and all security checks
  • we are having latest security equipments to insure Secure development with firewalls, password protection and encryption

How dedicated programmer works:

Offshore dedicated developer works at remote/offshore location on full time basis, which is like your full time in-house employee, focusing just on your work. With the help of our resources, man-power & dynamic infrastructures, you can get the job done using your management techniques/ strategies and without getting into hassles of paying the salary, taxes, benefits, and other obligations like infrastructure cost, computers and software licenses as wel


At X-mx Solution we are flexible with your methodology that would be suitable for your business. Offshore dedicated developer is like your virtual in-house employee working from remote location. Our experience is the best approach to work with dedicated developers using agile methodology. In simple words, you can follow the below mentioned steps for getting better result using this model.

  • Communicate with your dedicated developer at least 5 minutes via IM, so
    that you can discuss with him about task allotment progress and any other existing
  • Developer will send you Daily status report of work accomplished.
  • Check report and allot your dedicated developer task for the next day.
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