The Client

Shalby Hospitals, Ahmedabad


The client required the entire application divided in three phase :

  • Attendance Management System + MIS
  • Payroll Management System
  • Human Resource Information System

The main points to be included in the application were:

  • Employee Information (Official) like Name, ID, Department, designation, branch.
  • Shift Information like shift timings, Shift naming, grace period definition.
  • Leave management like type of leave, leave definition, rules for the leave calculation, opening balance, carry forward or not
  • Manual entries for any miss punch or forgotten punch
  • Approval/disapproval system for any application with two level of hierarchy.
  • Basic reports as per the definition for the attendance system. (approx. 10 daily reports and 5 monthly analytical reports).

The Solution

Attendance & Time Management


  • Employee profile management
  • Shift management and Roster generation
  • Roster approval and re-assignment
  • Employee / Department shift calendar
  • Late clock-in, early clock-out and other exceptions list
  • Overtime calculation and reporting
  • Holidays and Leaves Processing
  • Overtime, Attendance, Exception Reports
  • Provision to track a particular employee
  • Employee’s impression on the base of the review by the higher authority


  • Web based centralized Time & Attendance system
  • Access Control / Attendance Recording systems integration for exceptions tracking Integrated Leave Processing, Roster generation work flows for better control and planning
  • Key Process Indicators & Custom Reports – development engines enables easy analysis and control


Central Repository of Employee Data

  • New hire processing
  • Job assignment
  • Employee status
  • Benefits enrollment and administration
  • FMLA facilitation
  • Emergency contacts
  • Employee history
  • Performance/salary reviews
  • Compensation planning
  • Terminations
  • VETS-100
  • EEO-1
  • Department of Labor surveys


  • Rapid benefit start-up
  • Streamlined communication between benefits administration and payroll
  • Efficient benefit rollover, eliminating the need for manual entry

Major Achievement

  • Improved data integrity due to having a central database for all HR/Benefits information
  • Limiting the need for tedious data entry, improving accuracy
  • Greatly reduced time required to handle employee support calls
  • Less time spent researching answers to employee HR/Benefits questions
  • Streamlined government response generation through advanced search/reporting capabilities
  • Automated communication between benefits administration and payroll
  • Increased efficiency of your benefit rollover process

The Client

E-Portal Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Ahmedabad


An e-knowledge portal is an Internet-based system that provides a single, intuitive & personalized gateway to an integrated set of services and information resources. From a specialist’s perspective, the portal allows them to access the services based on their role(s), personal needs & preferences

Scope and brief about process:

  • Member’s Login
  • Registration
  • Indian CME – online
  • Discussion Forum
  • CPC / Reverse CPC
  • Live Chat with Expert
  • Upcoming Conferences / Events
  • Submissions: Case Studies, Articles, Research Paper or Abstracts
  • Medical Image Library
  • TYSA: Online Rounds & MCQ practice Rounds
  • Young Minds
  • What’s New?

    • Medical / therapeutic news
    • Research
    • Interviews with experts
  • Quick Opinion Poll
  • New product / Concept exposure
  • Faculty Members – List
  • Entertainment & Networking: Customized greetings, Fashion for Doctors, Showcase your talent
  • Point Redemption
  • Patient Education Charts
  • Patient Diet Sheet
  • Live Chat Room
  • Quick On-line Poll


The web application E-PORTAL will have a unique user interface dividing the navigation from the front page based on requirement.

The Inner Modules Include:

Member’s Login

Registered members only should be able to login. Every time registered doctor log-in for the first time in a day, a pop up message will inform him that he has earned 100 points and he can redeem it for appropriate gifts. There should be provision to mention gift list / details with points by administrator.


  • Medical Registration Number
  • User name
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • Location
  • Qualification
  • Institute/ Hospital/Clini
  • Mailing Address/City/ State
  • Mobile Number
  • Clinic/Hospital Number
  • Active Email
  • Interest Areas
  • Date of Birth
  • Receive Email
  • SMS alerts

Indian CME (Continuous Medical Education) – online

Registered doctor will get the mails of new CME arrival at site. Registered doctors will visit site and will view it. After end of file doctor can raise query to panel doctor through Chat option. Panel doctor will reply it on-line in chat.

Discussion Forum

Any registered doctor should be able to create a topic to start discussion among registered doctors. Facility to archive /view old discussions, will required.

Upcoming Conferences / Events

Details of all upcoming conferences- National/International are displayed to the user in a chronological order.

Submissions: Case Studies, Articles, Research Paper or Abstracts

Registered member can upload it through administrator

Medical Image Library

Doctor should be able to upload medical images ( jpg / scanned pdf files) and should be able to initiate discussion on it. Upload size should be restricted to defined MB.

Quick Opinion Poll

Members can participate in online poll (which will be for defined period). Administrator should have graphical reports.

Patient Education Charts

Administrator should be able to upload patient education charts ( jpg /pdf files). Doctor can request for any one. Administrator will manage to print and laminate for the doctor.

Patient Diet Sheet

There should be standard diet plan on the web site. Doctor should make small changes and can type patient name on top to personalize it. Doctor can print it.

Major Advantage

The web application PORTAL will have a unique user interface.