The first impression is the last impression this is very true in regard to a website and you never get second chance to impress your client/customer. The homepage is the first thing that decides whether your customer will check out other pages or directly hit the back button.

How home page affects the business?

Everyone wants that their website should rank higher on Google search engine page but Google is smart enough to check how customers are reacting for a particular website. If there are maximum customers who are not visiting other pages and immediately hitting a back button Google will never give a chance for a website to rank higher on its result page.

How to check if your site has a good home page?

After mentioning so much about a good website you might be wondering what exactly good website is and how to check it?

1. Describe your company

Introduce your company.

Make a clear path for the user to other pages.

Attractive logo and text.

2. Keep it simple

Clear text to read
Clearly labeled section

3. Keep the essential content above the fold

The term above the fold means the upper half of the newspaper that features an important news. That section of the paper is literally above the fold. When a website designer uses the phrase “above the fold,” that means the part of the homepage that is immediately visible in a browser. It’s the part of the homepage that visitors see without scrolling; the first impression of the first impression, if you will.

4. Color Scheme

Your color scheme can affect how they interpret and engage together with your homepage. Bad use of color sends visitors far from your website; it may have a damaging effect on your business.

Using too many colors in harsh hues and contrasts can make your traffic’ heads spin. It additionally denotes antiquated design strategies that make visitors suppose you are dwelling on the past.