Whenever a business gets concerned about his website then he is advised by the SEO experts to redesign it according to the SEO tips and tactics. But there are some issues where the designer should take care while redesigning the website and make sure that he does not make those mistakes for a better optimization. Prior to starting with on your site redesign, the steps which should be followed are to spend a quality time on a complete SEO website review of your existing website. Analyze the present optimization condition of your website from each aspect where you fell like to be reworked. You need to make a list of those phases where you thank you need to change and also about those where you think you can keep it same as like.

Most importantly the steps which you should take care of are your website architecture. In this phase, you should take care of the various web pages present in your site. Working on this you should be careful while attaching every page in a synchronized way and the pages should maintain a relation with each other. Also, make sure that the correct interlinking and navigation structures are there to make your website trouble-free in crawling and support in an appropriate flow of page rank and application to your site in terms of search engines.

Next to take care of the content of the website which is very necessary. Proper usage of new keywords and attaching new Meta Tags need to be inserted. The content should be relevant to the keywords and should not sound spam.