SEO is known as Search Engine Optimization used to hunt the information through different sources. It is the well-known process of enhancing the visibility of any website or the web page in search engine. It is turning into the priority for developers to bring their website in top listing of SEO and for such a reason they are using different tools known as RSS feeds, etc.

The search engine is the source available globally and internet users are using it for gathering all kinds of information. In general, SEO contains collectable data of images, videos, books, maps, news and many others. It is also becoming the internet marketing strategy because SEO provides the results based on keywords so those websites which are related to the particular keyword searched by a user it will be listed on priority.

The search engine is created by industry experts of consultant and reason behind its creation is adapting the projects of optimization on behalf of clients. The creation of search engine related websites was started in the 1990s. Later it becomes the general way to gather the information through SEO and according to a present situation it is the only source people are using for any details. Google is the best example of search engines, and it is the first priority for everybody because their results of the engine are accurate and exactly related to the keyword searched by a user.

Earlier optimizer was created to collect the website information but nowadays websites are created to get listed in the optimizer. The main cause of such change is people are using SEO most of the time and if your website is present on the first page its visibility will increase. More users will visit the site, and results will be much better than the present. Keeping this thing in mind many companies have started creating tools, which will help the site to be listed on the first page of search engine.