Writing ads represents one of the key processes in set up of a PPC account. This is due to the reason that your customers hardly see your keywords, ad groups or any of the campaign information except your ads. That is all in deciding a clicking decision. Some of the finest tips for writing, successful, high converting ads are:-

1. Usage of a keyword in the title of the ad. It is the key component of getting a good click-through rate and also good quality scores. As it happens when a searcher types in keywords matched in the ads down the side and at the top of the screen, they are bolded. Eventually, it makes them stand out from the rest of the page as well as draws the eye to your ad. Having a keyword in the title of the ad also ticks the quality score box-one of the major criteria for receiving an excellent score with regard to landing page content, keyword and ad title. In case, you are performing your PPC in a correct manner, then you must have small and tightly focused ad groups that focus only on one theme. Slowly and gradually, it will become easy for putting the keyword in the title of your ad, as well as make it match the keywords that you have specified within your ad groups.

2. You must use camel casing within your text ad. Camel casing represents the place where the first letter of each word in the ad is capitalized and has the effect of making the ad stand out as well as look professional. You need to be sure to Camel case your destination URL as well.

3. Thirdly, there is a need for usage of a call to action phrases in your ads. Phrases like ‘Buy now’ or ‘order online’ does encourage searchers for taking the action that you want after that they reach the very landing page.

4. You need to include unique selling points for making your ad stand out from your competitors. You have to perform a search for your keyword as well as see which words your competitors have in their ads. You need to try out words as well as phrases which differentiate you from your competition. You need to try using power words such as expert, guaranteed or discount.

5. Start experimenting with dynamic keyword insertion. It represents an advanced word function wherein the users specify that for a certain ad, the title needs to be defined by the keyword that is used by the searcher when typed in their query into Google. In the initial phase, this tool seems like the golden ticket, and your ad titles would always be matched to the searcher query thus making ads more relevant. The dynamic keyword insertion is basically used when there are large numbers of potential keywords that will be used. The dynamic keyword insertion is used in saving time as well as the hassle of entering hundreds, if not thousands of potential keywords into chosen ad groups. eBay represents one of the high-profile exponents of dynamic keyword insertion and thus, the ubiquity of its Google AdWords ads on each topic from aerosols to zips.